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When to Walk Away

For a limited time, I'm offering new subscribers a complimentary copy of "How to Be More Transactional at Work: 10 Ways to Prioritize You in a System That Will Replace You without a Second Thought.”

$49 (original price)

$20.21 TODAY!

As people rethink work, this guide offers insights about the alignment of one’s values and the workplace. Move from a place of uncertainty to purpose with 14 (fourteen) pages that help you

  • Identify, reflect on, and assess your values 

  • Evaluate positive and negative aspects of your work environment

  • Discover workplace red flags

  • Review supervisor and supervisee alignment

  • Set expectations for workplace relationships

  • Brainstorm alternate career paths

  • Develop short- and long-term career plans

  • Hold yourself accountable for your career success

  • Affirm your workplace values

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