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A Message for Today (11/04/20)

It's the day after the election. I am trying not to be stressed. I woke up before 5 A.M. to pray. I needed words to get me through this time.

Here is what the Lord gave me.

"A new generation of leaders is being formed because of this election. They have lived through a pandemic, and they don’t understand the deaths & isolation. They see the world differently than their elders.

People who have never considered themselves as leaders are rising from the ashes. They are thinking of new ways of doing business because the current ways are not working for them and for those around them. They will not wait for politics to tell them the directions they should go.

Marginalized people will be stronger after this election bc there will be cohesion that was not present before 2020. It is not accidental that people have come together virtually because those networks are going to create new networks that strengthen this nation. 2020 was not a waste.

This election is about the separation of the wheat from the tares. There will be a clear demarcation of who is who and what people believe. There will no longer be shades of gray. Nays will be nays and yays will be yays. Who people really are will no longer be hidden.

There are going to be shifts and pivots in organizations. This election is going to cause people who have never opened their mouths about injustice to speak up. Something will start boiling up in them. Rules are no longer rules. Ethics and justice will rule. Do not be afraid. Things are happening as they are supposed to happen because God wants us to trust Him. He wants to stir up the gifts that have been dormant in many of us."

I have a heart for academics. We play vital roles in the direction of this country even if we don't think we do. Get out of your comfort zones and bubbles. My prayer is for the next wave of academic activists to rise up. You have written your journal articles and given your keynotes. Turn that research into action that addresses what we are seeing at this very moment.

Never forget how you feel right now.

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