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Believe It or Not, Everyone’s Not Going to Become a Pioneer

Yes, I said it. Everyone is not going to be a pioneer. What a negative thought. I can hear someone read this and say with a huff, “How elitist! How can you say this about anyone? Who are YOU to be a member of the leadership police? How can you determine whether someone can or cannot be a trailblazing leader or pioneer?”

Last week I discussed my Prepared to Be a Pioneer™services with a friend. As I presented my business model to her, she said something amazingly profound- “If everyone could be a pioneer, then being a pioneer wouldn’t mean much.” Her statement hit me like a ton of bricks.

I began to think more deeply about what it means to be a pioneer. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pioneer is (1) A person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development, or (2) One of the first to settle in a territory This means that pioneers are the originators, the first ones, or the people who are creating and leading new efforts.

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I also thought about the people I know. For better or for worse, many of them are followers. They want someone else to take that first step, to call out injustices, or to initiate interactions with opposers. Many of them know that pioneers are the ones who are going to be the first casualties- the ones who will be labeled or blamed if something goes wrong and the ones who may be blackballed forever because of their views and perspectives.

Although being a pioneer can be difficult, there is a positive aspect of pioneerism. Via their leadership, pioneers can change political systems, can cure (seemingly) incurable diseases, and can present ideas in ways that no one ever imagined up to that point in time. Past and current pioneers often are not motivated by the fame that will accompany their accomplishments. Their passion for their work and for their purpose are so great that they transform how people view their achievements and themselves. What pioneers do and how they do it will outlast their mortal bodies. Yes, those are pioneers.

Now, back to my business. My services are targeted to people who are courageous and who want to change the world as we know it. (Meet Ashley G. Scott to see how I’m already achieving this!) This aspiration does not come without a cost, however. I am here to guide future pioneers when they speak their truths or are attacked for believing what they believe. I am here to encourage them when they think that they have no fight left in them to accomplish goals that no one has accomplished to date.

I am here to help others to become pioneers, because this is my calling. My entire life has been made up of firsts. For this reason, I am no longer afraid to start something new. I want others to know that they should not be afraid either. After all, being a pioneer is a lifestyle. If a dream has been planted in your spirit, then that dream should become a reality. There is nothing wrong with being an originator, because it is only by stepping out in faith that others might later have the courage to follow you.


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