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Imposter Syndrome Prayer

Last week, I felt imposter syndrome creeping up on me. Imposter syndrome is a common issue academics face. The feelings of angst and inadequacy are real, and I have experienced it in some form for years, particularly when I know my worth, yet the people around me refuse to acknowledge it.

Some days when I am going through situations, I pause to pray. (Most recently, I have started to use a free transcription service to record my voice as I write thoughts.) I decided to pray out loud so I have a written copy of my prayer and can revisit it when imposter syndrome tries to overtake me.

Here is the prayer. Whether you are a Christian or not, I hope you will find comfort in these words.


Lord, I come against imposter syndrome right now. I thank you that I am more than enough and that I possess the knowledge, skills, and talent to do everything that you have called me to do on this earth. I bind up a spirit of inferiority, inability, ignorance, low self-esteem, and any other spirit that would attack who I am in You. I loose a spirit of freedom and confidence in who I am meant to be.

I declare that words that have been spoken against me and who I am have no power. I declare and decree that anything that does not build me up and who I am supposed to be in You is cast down. I thank You that I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I was created in your likeness, and that I am destined to be everything that you have called me to be.

I declare that my purpose is assured and that everything that is for me comes to me. Nothing that tries to hinder me will succeed. Lord, I bind up anxiety, nervousness, instability, mental angst, and anything that does not represent peace, joy, happiness, temperance, and steadfastness in You.

I declare and decree that if no one else has anything positive to say about me, I say something positive about myself. Bring back to my remembrance everything that You purposed for me, even when I was in my mother's womb.

Thank You that no matter what a circumstance or situation looks like, I can rest assured that I am an overc