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This 4-in-1 bundle includes a variety of resources for any academic. If you need an academic career mentor, this bundle is for you.


Product #1- 25 Ways to Say No in a Professional Way

Is it difficult for you to say "no" in the workplace? Are you afraid that doors will be closed if your words aren't quite right? Are you concerned that your colleagues' feelings will be hurt or that someone will retaliate? 


The statements and questions in this product are appropriate in a variety of settings. Tweak and personalize them so your voice shines through confidently. 


Product #2- Wedding Model Mentoring Plan

Are you looking to diversity your pool of mentors? Do you need a framework to help you identify who might be ideal to join your mentoring circle? Using an old, new, borrowed, blue wedding metaphor, look no further. These fillable pages will help you create your perfect list of mentors to guide you toward professional success. 


Product #3- 6 Reflections to Teach Smarter, Not Harder

Teaching can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of faculty life. This fillable guide offers reflections that present opportunities to fulfill teaching opportunities as you strategically grow as a faculty member. 


Product 4- How to Work with Your Dream Team

Grab your "Getting to Know You" checklist along with practical tips to working with people with who you must achieve a common goal. 



  • Digital Download
  • Upon purchase, download immediately. 


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Authentic Academic Bundle

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