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Are you feeling stuck in your current workplace? Or maybe you've already made the decision to move on but are unsure of your next steps.


Look no further than this digital guide bundle that includes three powerful products to support you in your journey and guide you through the transition process.


Product 1- 40 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Workplace

Are you wondering if it's time to move from your workplace? Explore these 40 locators to reflect deeply about where you are and where you may need to go to land in a professional space that leaves you at peace and whole. 


Product 2- Exit Interview Reflections (Fillable)

Now that you've walked away from your job, it's time to prepare for your next position. Whether you pursue entrepreneurship, a career in a different sector, or enter a similar career, it's important to assess the lessons you learned from your old job. These interactive pages will guide you in the pursuit of workplace excellence and clarity. 


Product 3- 85 Self-Care Ideas to Heal from Workplace Harm

Workplace harm is real. Whether the harm occurs in higher education or Corporate America, people who have been harmed often don't have the luxury to wait for the workplace to heal them. These 85 self-care tips are about you, not your organization. Sit back, relax, and implement some of these strategies to emerge healthy and whole long after you leave the workplace.



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"Keep It Moving" Bundle

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