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Purchase your autographed copy of Dr. Monica Cox's debut novel, Legacy Unleashed

261 pages, published by B. Love Publications




In the heart of Atlanta, where professional dreams and technological frontiers are pushed daily, Dr. Miranda Childs and Lucas Bennett III rekindle old college memories in a serendipitous reunion. With a lifelong dream of becoming a professor, Southern Belle Miranda has designed her meticulous life for success. In contrast, Lucas, the namesake of a prominent U.S. Senator, boasts entrepreneurial ambitions matched only by his charm.

A series of meetings lead to an exhilarating partnership in Lucas’s company, Legacy, Inc., where Miranda and Lucas begin a mutual quest to revolutionize marginalized communities. Unfortunately, a web of deceit threatens to unravel their plans as Lucas’s conniving girlfriend and Miranda’s former lover throw their worlds into chaos, questioning the foundation of their professional bond and Miranda’s business integrity. Stakes get even higher as Miranda grapples with a series of vendettas and betrayals in her academic job, company, and health.

As Lucas and Miranda’s relationship teeters on the brink of uncertainty, they are confronted with the age-old questions: What does it mean to truly trust someone? Will their legacies survive in the face of deceit and adversity?

Autographed Legacy Unleashed Paperback

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