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"I help plan and execute strategic career moves that offer the freedom and flexibility to thrive authentically."

Monica F. Cox, Ph.D., CEO


Guide for Accomplices

Eight (8) power-packed pages

  • Fundamental tips for accomplices

  • Expectations of diverse employees before they accept a job

  • 12 guided questions to guide accomplices to a healthy organization

  • 20+ questions to ask before your next DEI meeting

  • SMART steps to engage with this guide

  • Affirmations as you move forward with this work


Guide for

Diverse Employees

Nine (9) power-packed pages

  • Observation and question checklist

  • Expectations reminder before you accept a job

  • Areas of focus for DEI conversations at individual and organizational levels

  • Action plan for DEI engagement with colleagues and supervisors

  • Affirmations as you move forward with this work

About Me

My mother said that growing up, I loved turning anything into a microphone or a calculator. Today, I am an authenticity coach who enjoys meeting and talking to people in transparent ways and being an advocate for anything related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). I’m also a professor, a Presidential Awardee, entrepreneur, comedienne, and leader. The combination might seem complex and unusual, but most pioneers are!

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The Authentic Academic with Dr. Monica Cox

This podcast presents quick, practical strategies for professionals.







Aiming to improve performance and focus on the 'here and now'


A space of strength for people who don't fit the norm to break the mold


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Dr. Monica




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"Dr. Cox possesses a unique quality of care, professionalism and realness you would desire in a career coach. She encourages you to embrace your authentic self while teaching you the necessary skill sets for navigating academia. As a junior faculty member of color, I found this to be helpful for crafting a plan tailored to me. This allowed me to hone in on my strengths, step outside of my comfort zone, and transition to the learning zone. The skills and lessons that Dr. Cox has imparted on me have been proven to be very effective; the benefits of her lessons continue to bear fruit to this day."



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