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Guiding people and organizations in authentic ways to emerge wiser, bolder, and whole.

Monica F. Cox, Ph.D., CEO

We've all seen and heard of individuals & organizations
playing diversity. 

You know, the practice of creating a diversity statement, hiring the "token" person, and saying that the environment is an ideal place to work.

The audacity is mind-blowing.

Businesswoman Working at Desk
People are tired of suppressing their authenticity in organizations that expect blind loyalty.

Whether you’re a member of a marginalized group and feel psychologically unsafe at work or a leader wanting to improve your climate and be more equitable, it’s time to learn strategies and tools to enhance your personal and professional life.

Everyone deserves to be authentic and whole at work.

Watch Tiffany Gusbeth's Story

Who Is Dr. Monica Cox?

Monica F. Cox, Ph.D., is a disruptor, trailblazer, change agent, and leader who believes in living an authentic life even if it makes people uncomfortable. She grew up an only child in rural southeast Alabama, where she was raised by her educator parents to persist in the face of personal and professional adversity.


As a highly-lauded coach and consultant, she guides clients in areas of career development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and business strategy. She's a distinguished professor and entrepreneur whose inquisitive nature contributes to her passion for educating others and guiding them on journeys that connect the core of who they are with the legacies they want to leave. 


Stop Playing Diversity with Dr. Monica Cox

Listen to weekly episodes of diversity-related nuggets and affirmations that will move you toward authentic diversity. 


Dr. Monica

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The Formula
Desired Results | Strategic Planning | Accountability | Mentorship

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