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  • Are you ready to move from fear to proven business results?

  • Do you want to create an authentic diversity plan?

  • Are diverse groups leaving your organization, and you don't know why?

  • Do you want to learn how to retain your values as you do work that matters to you? 

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Learn how to...

  • Move from performative diversity to authentic diversity (Stop Playing Diversity)

  • Move past diversity quotas and statements

  • Focus on recruitment AND retention in your organization

  • Engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion training for accomplices (i.e., the ones who roll their sleeves up and do the real work)

  • Engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion training for diverse groups (e.g., asking questions before being hired)

  • Know when to walk away from a toxic workspace

Learn how to...

  • Create and execute a social media brand strategy

  • Develop business strategies based on your expertise

  • Generate multiple revenue streams

  • Monetize your talent and skills

  • Align entrepreneurial talents with your purpose



Learn how to...

  • Identify short-term and long-term career goals

  • Create a strategic plan for your career

  • Create accountability group(s) for career success

  • Develop and execute leadership skills

  • Transition from unhealthy professional spaces

  • Reinvent your career

  • Develop and execute an exit strategy blueprint.

What I Offer

One-On-One Tutoring

one-time Strategy Sessions

Get unstuck and create your executable strategic plan in a 60-, 90-, or 120-minute session. 

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Receive personalized feedback about 

One-on-one coaching

Engage in one-hour hybrid (i.e., curriculum-based and open-ended) sessions focused on your goal. 

*4 and 10 session packages available

Business Meeting

Workshops and

Engage in tailored sessions that align with your unique needs. Select topics above or work with Dr. Monica to co-create sessions that will move you toward results you seek. 

Support Group

Group training

Move your team toward authentic diversity and create workspaces that welcome diverse groups and perspectives. 



"Dr. Cox possesses a unique quality of care, professionalism and realness you would desire in a career coach. She encourages you to embrace your authentic self while teaching you the necessary skillsets for navigating academia. As a junior faculty member of color, I found this to be helpful for crafting a plan tailored to me. This allowed me to hone in on my strengths, step outside of my comfort zone, and transition to the learning zone. The skills and lessons that Dr. Cox has imparted on me have been proven to be very effective; the benefits of her lessons continue to bear fruit to this day."

 Dr. Shakira Hobbs

Assistant Professor

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