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​​Does your organization need an equity audit?

  • Do you need someone to mediate conflict across diverse groups in your workplace?

  • Do you want to craft an actionable, equitable diversity plan that aligns with your values?

  • Are you ready to become an authentic equity accomplice to move your organization to the next level?

  • Do you need a coach to help you separate your identiyy from your job as you do work that matters

STEMinent LLC, under the leadership of Dr. Monica, has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results to our clients, including universities, nonprofits, faculty, students, and corporate leaders in the areas of DEI consulting, career coaching, and leadership development.

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a VIP Day!


Learn how to...

  • Move from performative diversity to authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion (i.e., Stop Playing Diversity).

  • Focus on recruitment AND retention in your organization.

  • Engage in tailored training for DEI accomplices (i.e., those who want to transform the workplace culture and enact real change).

  • Create an actionable, strategic plan to walk away from toxic workspaces.

  • Conduct an equity audit that makes your workplace safe for all.

  • Start having the conversations that should be happening in your workplace but aren't.

Learn how to...

  • Create and execute a social media brand strategy that aligns with your professional goals and personal values.

  • Build a sustainable business structure based on your expertise.

  • Generate multiple revenue streams that grant you the freedom to be authentic.

  • Monetize your talent and skills.

  • Align entrepreneurial gifts with your purpose.



Learn how to...

  • Identify short-term and long-term career goals.

  • Create a strategic plan for your career.

  • Form accountability group(s) for career success.

  • Develop and execute leadership skills.

  • Learn how to transition from unhealthy professional spaces.

  • Align your career with boundaries focused on your core and legacy.

  • Develop and execute an exit strategy blueprint


One-On-One Tutoring

one-time Strategy Sessions

Elevate your potential and unlock the blueprint to your success in an exclusive 5-hour VIP Day!

You craft the agenda and leave with a strategic actionable roadmap-  tailored to your needs. 


Gain an external individual or group perspective for the following:


  • Equity Plans

  • DEI Training

  • Cultural Assessment

  • Workplace Equity Practices

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Career Goals

  • Promotion and Tenure Portfolios

  • Strategic Plans

  • Research Agendas

  • Policies, Processes, and Infrastructure

Accomplice Academy

This flagship subscription program offers monthly sessions to be an equity accomplice.

Membership includes trainings, interactive discussions, group chats, exclusive resources, and more. 

Enroll in the Accomplice Academy today. 

Workshops and

Dr. Monica brings infectious energy and truthtelling to spaces seeking transformation. She is highly lauded speaker who leaves listeners with takeaways that make them think and move toward boldness in their personal and professional lives. a

Check out her CCMNT speaking page and contact her agent for inquiries.

Download Dr. Monica's Media Kit here.

Support Group

Group training

Move your team toward authentic, sustainable outcomes and create workspaces that welcome all groups and perspectives as you move toward common goals. 

Whether it's a 60-, 90-, or 120- minute training, Dr. Monica has what you need to engage in deep learning and workplace wellness. 


"Dr. Cox possesses a unique quality of care, professionalism and realness you would desire in a career coach. She encourages you to embrace your authentic self while teaching you the necessary skillsets for navigating academia. As a junior faculty member of color, I found this to be helpful for crafting a plan tailored to me. This allowed me to hone in on my strengths, step outside of my comfort zone, and transition to the learning zone. The skills and lessons that Dr. Cox has imparted on me have been proven to be very effective; the benefits of her lessons continue to bear fruit to this day."

 Dr. Shakira Hobbs

Assistant Professor

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